The original local taxi company in Levi

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Levi-Kittilän Taksit Oy is the longest-running taxi company in the region. The operations of Levi-Kittilän Taksit Oy began in the 1990s, when taxi drivers in the area started to organize themselves due to the challenges of growing tourism.


We serve you around the clock, every day of the year.

Our drivers with excellent local knowledge will be happy to serve you. Ride reliably with us!

How to reach us

Call – We operate 24/7

(2,10 €/ call + local rate + 1,50 € / 1 min)


You can also easily book a ride with applikations Valopilkku. You can also find our cars directly from the taxi stand, just outside the airport. Vacant taxis are waiting for you at the main door on the left. You can distinguish our taxi from other taxis by the yellow logo on the front door.

If you know your arrival time and want to secure your ride, you may want to make a reservation by calling our number or by filling out the form on our website before your flight. Upon arrival, we will meet you at the airport's arrivals hall with a name sign.

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How to order a taxi:

If you have not ordered in advance

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Mention the street address as accurately as possible. Also, tell us how many people are in your group and indicate if you have luggage or animals so we can pick you up with a suitable car.

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Wait a moment

Your ride will arrive as soon as possible. During restaurant break times or during other busy times, in the Levi Centre area, it is faster to grab a taxi from the stand. If you have booked a ride and it takes too long to arrive, please cancel your order.

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Pay with the payment method that best suits you. Please have a look at our price list if you would like to estimate the total cost of your trip.