Reliable taxi service in the Kittilä region

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Levi-Kittilän Taksit Oy offers reliable taxi service in the municipality of Kittilä and in nearby towns. We are the original operator of the region. 

Travel safely with us! We serve around the clock, every day of the year. Call us to book a taxi or make a reservation in advance and we will pick you up from the airport at the agreed time!

Our rides cover

  • The Kittilä and Levi regions

  • Airport shuttle to surrounding areas

  • Rides for customers in wheelchairs and stretchers

  • Kela direct compensation

  • From Kittilä to Rovaniemi, Oulu or wherever you want to go

Our vehicles

We have a total of 33 cars in the Kittilä region, 17 of which are sedans and 12 are minivans. The vehicles are operated by experienced drivers with excellent local knowledge!

Price list

The cost of a ride depends on the distance travelled, the number of passengers and the waiting time.

Starting fare: 9,00 €.

There are two fare classes:

  • Class 1 / 1–4 people

    1,00 € / km + 1,00 € / min

  • Class 2 / 5–8 people

    1,20 € / km + 1,00 € / min

Two children under the age of 12 are counted as one person when calculating the price of a ride.

Waiting time fee:

  • 24 / 7

    60 € / h

The waiting fee may be charged if the car is waiting for the customer or if the car is moving at an extremely slow rate due to traffic jams, for example.

Pre-order charge:

A charge of up to € 7.10 may be charged when the ride has been ordered in advance.

Airport surcharge: A surcharge of up to 2.50 € may be charged if the airport charges the taxi for entering the passenger terminal to reach the customer for pick-up.

Transport of goods surcharge: A surcharge of up to € 3.00 may be charged for the transportation of large items and pets.

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You can reach our taxi service in Kittilä by calling 020 099 800 – we serve 24/7!

Contact details