Levi-Kittilä Taksit Oy serves in the municipality of Kittilä and in nearby areas

Levi-Kittilä Taksit Oy is the original taxi company in the Kittilä region. Our drivers provide a friendly service and have an excellent local knowledge.

Call and order a taxi or make a reservation! We serve 24/7. Travel safely and comfortably with us!

We have a total of 33 cars, 17 of which are sedans and 12 are minivans. In addition to regular rides, we also offer airport shuttle service to the surrounding fells, rides for passengers in wheelchairs and stretchers, Kela direct compensation rides as well as longer trips to Rovaniemi or all the way to Oulu.

  0200 99800


  Levintie 1590, 99130 Kittilä

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